How To Go From Worst To First

"We're paying them for their hands, but they're freely willing & able to give of their hearts, if you engage them and help them with this vision."

Erik Richardson shared these words with us, and his extensive experience in continuous improvement and operations management are one reason Intertape Polymer Group has been a global leader in packing and protective solutions.

In this episode, find out how Erik and his plant went from the bottom to the top with a practical transformation that started with a focus on process, and eventually layered on technology to accelerate their gains further.

Show notes below!

02:04 — From garage startup to billion dollar corporation
06:00 — Going from the worst plant to the first one in the organization
10:43 — How to start your plant’s digital transformation journey
14:11 — Fixing a single machine to get buy-in across the organization
18:45 — Adopting the 80/20 rule for pilot lines in digital transformation
28:08 — Using digital tools to uncover issues leading to bad quality
32:33 — How employee motivation stems from the value of the tools they use
41:11 — Leveraging employee expertise when using new tools

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Written by Brian Sallee

As a Dozuki Co-Founder, Brian is passionate about manufacturing and helping companies support their workforce. These days you can find him co-hosting the Voices of Manufacturing podcast in order to further support the people that make up this dynamic industry.

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