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How to Use Dozuki for Work Instructions

Dozuki is the leading digital work instruction tool for industrial businesses all over the world. Our platform enables better employee performance by improving how you create, control, and communicate procedures.

Safety procedures, lockout/tagouts, assembly tasks, and routine machine maintenance tasks, can all benefit from better work instructions. While there are endless unique ways to leverage the Dozuki platform, implementing our standardized work instructions has helped hundreds of businesses transform their manufacturing operations.

Dozuki customers have:

Learn how you can realize similar benefits by using Dozuki as your work instruction platform.


Quickly Author Content


Authors in Dozuki benefit from an intuitive and standardized format designed specifically for creating clear work instructions. This enables content creators to focus on writing quality instructions that operators can easily understand.

In the field or on the floor, our user-friendly mobile interface also makes it easy to author content anywhere. Use tablets to document procedures in action and then review and add final touches later.


"Updating work instructions with a mobile device on the fly has been really helpful. Before it would have taken an entire day to update an instruction, now we can do it on the fly from the floor."

Industrial Engineer, Husqvarna


Enhance with Visuals

Communicate complex procedures or techniques with ease. Dozuki allows you to upload images and video directly into each step of your work instructions. Author and capture visuals on the same device while creating procedures on the floor.

Our standardized format prioritizes the use of visuals in your work instructions to improve comprehension and train employees better. Built-in image markup tools allow authors to highlight important information and tag text.Product-Markup_Dozuki

Control Revisions and Approve Updates Quickly

Work instructions in Dozuki are heavily controlled through purpose-built document control features. Trust that workers are only accessing accurate, approved procedures — every time.

"Dozuki helped us fix a culture of information that was
not current or standard across sites."

Operational Technology Manager, 3M


Distribute Instantly to Teams

Any updates to documentation that pass established approval processes are instantly reflected across all devices. Dozuki users can also access essential information in any work environment via QR codes. No more chasing down outdated paper instructions.

“Before, revisions were undocumented and made without much dissemination. Now, updated SOPs are broadcasted so everyone is in the know.”

Director of Strategic Development, AML Oceanographic


Collect Feedback & Improve

With Dozuki, workers can provide insights directly within procedures. This enables companies to gather feedback straight from the floor, from your experts on the frontline.

Your workforce is full of individuals with untapped experience and knowledge waiting to be utilized. Show them that their contributions are valuable and encourage a culture of continuous improvement.

Incorporate Digital Forms

With integrated digital forms built directly into work instructions, you can reduce production errors, improve safety, and improve efficiency. Dozuki customers have leveraged digital forms to collect work order numbers, run quality checks, build corrective action forms, verify training, and much more.


Create Training Curriculum

Take advantage of your controlled procedures by making them the foundation of your training program. Work instructions can become an integral part of how you learn new skills, test for competency, and implement process improvements.

Curriculum can be built using documented standards, with automatic retraining assigned as updates are made and approved. Easily assign training to employees as they move across shifts or job functions.

“We’ve eliminated the conference room simulations. We want you to go see the equipment, we want you to have an instructor with digital work instructions that are detailed and visual. This really makes a difference. People feel confident from day one.”

Manager of Operational Technology, 3M


Analyze Performance & Improve Standards

Essential operational and training data makes it easy to review performance and identify opportunities for improvement. By connecting work instructions to your workforce training, you can track who has been trained on which version of the controlled documents. This data can also be integrated with other systems for a comprehensive view of operations.


More Than Just Work Instructions

If leveraged properly, work instructions can become the foundation for improving productivity, quality, and employee performance. Get more out of your work instructions by using Dozuki to communicate and improve best practices company-wide.


Dozuki is Your New Benchmark for Work Instructions

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Written by Dozuki

Founded in 2011, Dozuki has been the leader in connected worker solutions for over a decade. We’ve helped hundreds of companies plan, implement, and scale our frontline digital transformation solution.

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