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How to Manage Mobile Devices on the Factory Floor

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Tablets and smartphones can transform your industrial operations. This week we are joined by Jacob Rattray, Operational Technology Specialist from 3M. 

Jacob specializes in the management and use of mobile devices for the operational workforce. With thousands of products, 3M has a wide variety of use-cases and considerations when using tablets or smartphones on the factory floor. 

Learn how to leverage these powerful devices to improve communication, increase access to critical information, and reduce operational waste. Once deployed correctly, tablets unlock the potential of endless benefits on the frontline.

Show Notes:

  • 2:45  -  6:00  Use-cases and benefits of tablets in manufacturing environments
  • 6:01  -  7:35  Considerations and requirements for selecting the right device
  • 7:36  -  11:04  Managing devices with an MDM (Mobile Device Management) software 
  • 11:05  -  15:45  Mobile device operating systems  -  key differences
  • 15:46  -  20:40  Protective cases and practical considerations
  • 20:41  -  25:30  Charging and storage strategies
  • 25:31  -  27:37  Practical requirements for screen sizes
  • 27:38  -  30:40  How to get employee buy-in and support worker performance

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