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Solving Modern Workforce Challenges in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

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In the midst of unprecedented market demands and supply chain issues, the most innovative food & beverage manufacturers are finding new, creative ways to support an efficient workforce.

By combining the knowledge of the older generation and the digital skills of the younger generation, companies are beginning to make major moves in production efficiency. 

Kiley Becker, the resident food & beverage manufacturing expert at Dozuki is here to share what she is seeing in this dynamic industry. Kiley works with Dozuki to empower frontline workers with the tools and resources they need to perform their best work. Join the conversation and learn about strategies to support frontline workers to reduce — scrap waste, safety issues, quality issues, and frustrated employees.

She knows what it takes to gain a competitive advantage in this unique manufacturing space and more importantly — why harnessing the full potential of your workforce is the key to success. 

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Written by Dozuki

Founded in 2011, Dozuki has been the leader in connected worker solutions for over a decade. We’ve helped hundreds of companies plan, implement, and scale our frontline digital transformation solution.

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