How 3 Leaders Tackled Key Workforce Challenges

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A recent survey by the National Association of Manufacturers underscores a pressing concern for manufacturing executives. Nearly 75% identify attracting and retaining a quality workforce as their primary business challenge. 

This issue, exacerbated by the disruptions of the pandemic era, has been a long standing trend in the industry.

Below, we’ll share strategies, tactics and use cases of how your team can tackle workforce challenges with the help of digital training platforms.

Use Tech To Attract Talent

Traditional efforts to rebrand manufacturing and appeal to the younger generation require time, a luxury many companies can't afford. 

However, showcasing cutting-edge technology, including innovative training solutions, is an immediate step to dispel outdated perceptions. By highlighting the modern, tech driven nature of manufacturing, companies can position themselves as attractive workplaces.

Here’s a use case from our Fortune 100 industrial manufacturing customer. 

This company proved that the right tech can help in retaining a quality workforce. Previously, the company grappled with a guide comprising over 400 steps, presented in a cumbersome text format. The conversion to Dozuki allowed for a visually comprehensible presentation through images and videos, eliminating the challenges associated with dense textual information.

A Process Technology Specialist emphasized the significance of this improvement. With over 7,000 documents in Lotus Notes, the company lacked adherence to process standards which caused major quality issues. 


The adoption of Dozuki not only standardized the documentation process but also offered a visually engaging format that resonated with new employees, particularly those unfamiliar with machine operations. Our customer told us:

“For those new employees who hadn’t run the machine, they didn’t know exactly what they were looking at in the work instructions. But now, having the photos as part of the writing process gets people excited. Excited to create documents? It’s not something we were used to hearing!”

Transform your workforce strategy by incorporating visuals into your documentation process. Witness how this straightforward addition not only boosts clarity but also ignites enthusiasm among employees, signaling a positive cultural shift in the workplace.

F&B Fortune 500 Case Study

And if you harness the potential of a connected work solution to elevate your team's skills, establish standardized processes, and craft engaging documentation that directly contributes to retaining a high-quality workforce, here’s the best part.

Prospective employees will be chomping at the bit to tour your facility and witness your digital strategy in action.


Digitize Knowledge For Retention

Numerous factors play a role in retaining a quality workforce. Procuring the right manufacturing digital training program is a critical one.

These platforms enable companies to provide growth and upskilling opportunities, essential for retaining employees. Digitizing knowledge empowers workers across operations, fostering excellence and opening pathways for advancement. 

By giving employees a voice in process improvements, you help create a fulfilling work environment.

In 2022, Dozuki had a paper manufacturer customer that faced a substantial workforce challenge. 100 employees were hired, but only 6 remained by year-end. Exit interviews uncovered concerns about confusing work instructions leading to heightened safety issues, resulting in increased turnover, scrap waste, overtime, safety incidents, and delayed workflows. 

Anticipating a 20% turnover in the next five years, the company recognized the urgency of addressing their outdated training program to avoid a permanent increase in turnover. The pressing need to capture knowledge from departing employees with deep operational expertise became a critical focus amid this workforce transition.

In the pursuit of a culture of continuous improvement, the company discovered a wealth of packaging documentation, previously unseen by seasoned employees. This revelation underscored the operational significance of the connected worker solution. 

Through Dozuki, team leads found opportunities to incentivize and engage employees, fostering confidence in long-term retention. Notably, the company achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in turnover within the first year, showcasing the tangible impact of embracing a connected worker approach.

As the manufacturing landscape faces critical workforce challenges, your company needs a strategic ally in attracting and retaining a quality workforce. 

In a rapidly evolving world, we are here to empower manufacturing teams to overcome challenges and embrace a future of growth and innovation.

F&B Fortune 500 Case Study

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Written by Scott Ginsberg

Scott is the Content Marketing Manager at Dozuki. He’s spent 20+ years writing books about wearing nametags, conducting corporate training seminars on approachability, and leading knowledge management programs at tech startups. Text him right now at 314.374.3397 with your favorite emoji.

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