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Deprecating Internet Explorer

Microsoft has publicly announced their enterprise applications will no longer support Internet Explorer (IE) as of August 17, 2021. 

In order to continue improving Dozuki to meet the latest enterprise browser, security, and performance standards -- we plan to wind down support for IE following Microsoft's lead.

Important Dates:

  • August 1, 2021:

    • Existing features released prior to August 1, 2021 will continue to be supported in IE
    • New features released in Dozuki will not be supported in IE.

  • October 1, 2021:

    • Dozuki will no longer support IE compatibility for new or existing features. 


What is the difference between new and existing features?

  • Existing features have been released prior to the current date. 

On October 1, will I no longer be able to access Dozuki with Internet Explorer?

  • You will still be able to access Dozuki with IE following October 1. However, after this date future product enhancements released within Dozuki may not function as expected in IE.

Why not continue supporting Internet Explorer?

  • A slew of today's top browser technologies such as EcmaScript, CSS, and WebAPI's are no longer fully supported by IE. In order to continue improving the industry standard with Dozuki, we cannot intentionally limit our technology stack.

When support ends for IE, what kind of experience will an IE-user have in Dozuki?

  • When using IE within Dozuki following October 1, the user experience may not be the same as it is in currently supported browsers. Some features or interfaces may not be fully functional.

If you have any questions about support ending for Internet Explorer, please don't hesitate to post in our support community or reach out directly to your Customer Success Representative.


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Written by Lucas Bishop

With a passion for all things manufacturing, Lucas is a research fanatic that focuses on expanding the digital footprint of Dozuki and providing valuable industry insights.

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