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Guide Lists: Now Supporting Private Guides

We have recently implemented the ability to include Private Guides inside of Guide Lists. This provides administrators a flexible way to create lists of Guides that show/hide specific content based on user permissions.

In this post we'll provide details on what this means and how you can leverage it for your Dozuki Site.

What are Guide Lists?

Guide Lists give you the ability to insert custom lists of your Dozuki Guides into Wiki Pages, and Category Pages. Each list will display all Guides that share the same tag.

Dozuki administrators will often create site pages with custom Guide Lists that act as the only page a user or team ever visits. Think of them as operator-specific manuals.

Desktop View: Example Guide List for "Station 1"
Desktop View: Guide List

For an extensive overview on how you can leverage lists in Dozuki, view our recent video on Dynamic Lists.

What are Private Guides?

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 4.20.33 PMPrivate Guides give you the ability to limit who can view a Guide at the user and/or team level. This feature is widely used to control Guide visibility.

When a Guide is marked private, the user/team permission settings for that Guide define who is able to view it. 

What has changed?

Dozuki now supports the ability to include Private Guides inside of Guide Lists. 

Now, private content can be displayed in Guide Lists and the permission settings of every individual Guide will be used to show/hide the Guide for the specific user viewing the list.

What does it look like?

Privileged User View:
In the following example, the Private Guides are located under the "Supervisor Training and Overview" section. The user viewing this page has permission to view all Guides in the accompanying lists.


Non-Privileged User View:
In the following example, the Private Guide Lists from the "Supervisor Training" section are not visible to the user. The user viewing this page only has permission to view some Guides in the accompanying lists.


Some benefits shown in the above examples:

  • A single Guide List is used to manage a collection of Guides for a specific machine.
  • Supervisors are able to view all of the Guides for the machine.
  • Operators can only view some of the Guides.

Other Questions?

If you have any feedback or need further information, please post your question into our support forum help.dozuki.com/Answers or email support@dozuki.com where one of our experts can assist.


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