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The Dozuki Roadmap: An Insider's Guide

In our continuing effort to ensure Dozuki is helping to improve your operations, today we’re officially opening our Roadmap to you.

You'll now have the ability to see what is being developed and released within Dozuki. You can also provide feedback and follow progress as features move from ideation to public release.

Roadmap Walkthrough

Here's a quick two minute walkthrough on accessing our Roadmap, the nuances between different feature states, and how to provide feedback to our team:

Accessing the Roadmap

You can navigate to our Roadmap from within Dozuki, under "Recent Updates" in the Support section:find-the-roadmap

Roadmap Feature Status Overview

Our Roadmap showcases four different feature statuses you can tab between:2023-10-24 12_20_36-PLANNED - Dozuki Product Roadmap _ Product Roadmap

  • Under Consideration: These features are still being evaluated. Features in this status may not make it into development within our Roadmap, but are included here so that we can hear your early feedback.
  • Planned: These features are planned for development within the Roadmap and are actively making progress through our engineering and product teams. Consider these features to be coming soon.
  • Early Preview: These features have been released into a state where you can get access to them, but they are not available by default. Your Customer Success Manager will need to enable these features for your account.
  • Launched: Everything in this section has been officially released to Dozuki Cloud deployments. Some features may be enabled by default, others will may require you to configure them.

Providing Feedback on the Roadmap

Within our Roadmap you also have the ability provide feedback on any feature. You can provide feedback through the "How important is this to you?" survey at the bottom of each Roadmap card:

2023-10-23 18_12_19-Display Wikis in the Mobile App - Dozuki Product Roadmap _ Product Roadmap

Providing feedback on individual Roadmap items helps us better understand the value of features we are developing. When you have time, please review the Roadmap and share your feedback with our team.

Thank you for helping us build the manufacturing industry's leading digital training platform.


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Written by Lucas Bishop

With a passion for all things manufacturing, Lucas is a research fanatic that focuses on expanding the digital footprint of Dozuki and providing valuable industry insights.

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