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Better Compliance: Periodic Review

Today we're introducing Periodic Review —the new industry benchmark for ensuring with absolute certainty, that your documented standards are current.

What is Periodic Review?

Periodic Review provides a system for scheduling automatic re-occurring review of any Dozuki Guide, ensuring your standards are continuously audited. 

This is new functionality within our Document Control module and it's available for Early Access now. 

How Do I Enable Periodic Review?

As an Early Access feature, your Customer Success Manager will need to flip the switch for you. They can also give you a deep-dive of the functionality.

How do I setup Periodic Review?

There are two ways to control the Periodic Review cadence.

First you have a global setting that acts as the 'default' site-wide. Once enabled, you can control the global settings from within Manage > General > Periodic Review:

Manage > General > Periodic Review

Additionally, the Periodic Review cadence can be customized at the individual Guide level. This provides another layer of flexibility as every Guide can have it's own review schedule:Periodic Review Settings

When Should I Schedule Reviews?

Often we see our customers wanting to review somewhere between every one to two years. However, there is no one-size fits all criteria for determining review intervals.

You may already be reviewing your documented standards for a variety of unscheduled reasons. Some examples:

  1. Audit findings
  2. Internal non-conformance
  3. Customer complaint
  4. New or revised regulations
  5. Engineering changes
  6. ISO Guidelines (ex. 13485, 9001, etc)

However, since it's not guaranteed that every standard will be reviewed through situations that unfold via normal day to day operations -- Periodic Review ensures your standards never fall through the cracks.

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Written by Lucas Bishop

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