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Updates to the Releases API Endpoint

In our continued efforts to enhance Dozuki to integrate with your external systems, we have updated our Release API Endpoint with two new fields:

  • New Field: scheduled_date
    • This field will have a value if there is a scheduled date for the Guide Release. For example:
      • A date will be provided if a specific Scheduled Date was selected
      • A date will be provided if a Training Period is set and the Guide is part of an Approval Process that has been completed.
      • A Null value will be provided if no Scheduled Date is selected
      • A Null value will be provided if a Training Period is set, but the Guide is assigned an Approval Process that has not been completed.
  • New Field: creation_date
    • This field will provide the date/time when the Release was first created. This is not the publish date or approval date.

Upcoming Changes

Our recent  rollout of scheduled_date and creation_date will also help you to better prepare for some additional changes we are making to the Release API endpoint, to give you more control over the variety of date/time records associated with a Release.

  • Field Deprecation: release_date
    • This field will be removed from the API Endpoint. Historically this field has has caused confusion for users of the API as it is updated with multiple dates over the course of a Guide being approved and published.
      • scheduled_date, creation_date, publish_date fields will provide all of the specific dates that were previously posted to release_date.
  • Improvement: publish_date (null value)
    • The publish date will now remain null if a guide has not been published.
    • This field will only receive a date when a guide is officially published (released to users) and has an actual publish date.

For additional details on all of these API fields, please reference our API Documentation. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to post in our support community or reach out directly to your Customer Success Representative.

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Written by Lucas Bishop

With a passion for all things manufacturing, Lucas is a research fanatic that focuses on expanding the digital footprint of Dozuki and providing valuable industry insights.

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