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Accelerate your digital transformation with the help of Dozuki experts.

Turnkey Dozuki Deployment

Our team of experts make your transition to Dozuki seamless without leveraging your internal resources. Our on-site content creation allows teams to:

  • Build content quickly
  • Set an internal standard for future content
  • Learn best practices
  • Document common machines and/or processes to scale across multiple facilities
"By using Dozuki to standardize work and improve processes, we were able to reduce costs and achieve significant annual savings."

Learning and Development Change Coach, Johnsonville Sausage


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Your Digital Transformation Partner

With extended training catered to your specific digital transformation journey, our team brings expertise to your location to help scale Dozuki effectively. We've helped customers:

  • Identify opportunities where Dozuki can improve operational efficiency
  • Develop your teams into Dozuki experts
  • Establish benchmarks to measure future performance

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"No way we would have been able to get up and running with Dozuki as fast as we did without the services team, we just don’t have the resources to do it."

Industrial Engineer, Husqvarna


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Get Started Quickly

Our expert technical writers will bring you existing documentation into the Dozuki platform. With both remote and in-person options, we've helped companies:

  • Quickly standardize processes across employees, departments, and facilities
  • Reduce the workload on your internal resources
  • Update your content to take advantage of Dozuki features (including digital forms, approval workflows, photo markups, and more)

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"The system is so intuitive and easy to kick-off."

Lead Manufacturing Engineer, Boom Supersonic


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Purchase the Right Tablets

Find the right hardware to deploy Dozuki across your frontline workforce. Our teams have helped hundreds of companies evaluate tablet purchases for their unique work environments.

  • Leverage the digital expertise of the Dozuki team
  • Create a purchasing plan for your internal procurement teams
  • Rollout Dozuki to your frontline via tablets

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"I was tasked with thinking outside of the box for our Standard Work manuals, Dozuki does everything that I could have wanted, and more."

Training Specialist, Fortune 500 Food Manufacturer

Track the Right Data

Visualize the data that matters most with customized dashboards and reports. These services have helped companies:

  • Map business goals directly to data from Dozuki
  • Reduce the workload on your internal resources
  • Focus on the data that matters

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"Before, revisions were undocumented and made without much dissemination. Now, updated SOPs are broadcasted so everyone is in the know."

Director of Strategic Development, AML Oceanographic


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Get Audit Ready and Reduce Liability

Custom validation testing from the Dozuki Information Security and Compliance team allows you to build custom tests. We have worked within a variety of regulatory needs and use cases.

  • Reduce the workload on your internal resources
  • Tailored validation tests
  • Meet federal regulatory requirements (ITAR, FDA, etc.)

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Additional services include custom development, on-site implementation evaluations, and more.


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