Professional Services

Launch Dozuki quickly and efficiently with the help of our internal experts.


Our ultimate goal is ensuring your transition to Dozuki is seamless. After all, time wasted is money wasted. To help you get set up quickly we offer a variety of additional customized services.

Standard Document Conversion

An efficient way to add content to your Dozuki site. This service is designed to preserve the content and style of existing documents, with minor additions like bullets and numbering only where necessary to fit best into the Dozuki platform.

Premium Document Conversion

Our expert technical writers will optimize your existing documentation for Dozuki, with a focus on standard work. This offering helps companies update and standardize procedures throughout a department, facility, or entire company—regardless of author.

On-site Trainings

These training and evaluation programs are designed to help you get the most out of your Dozuki site and train your employees. All trainings are designed for up to 20 attendees.

Training for larger groups is available upon request

Basic Training

Extended customer training catered to your company's specific needs. Our team takes a hands on approach, bringing our expertise directly to your work environment to help your teams create documentation within Dozuki. We work with you to tailor the workshop to your teams and their job functions.

Technical Communication Training

Ideal for customers looking to increase their documentation efficiency or improve existing documentation practices. This training focuses on best practices for technical writing, process photography and document organization within Dozuki.

Content Creation

Our expert technical writers will build out documentation tailored to your business by leveraging the full suite of Dozuki features and focusing on standardization. 


For customers who can easily ship items to the Dozuki office.


For those who need documentation created at their facility.

Validation Services

Our Information Security and Compliance Team can build custom validation tests to meet your unique regulatory needs and use cases. 


Ensure immediate availability of document history, work order execution, and/or training completion to meet federal regulatory guidelines.

Reduce Liability

Leverage our experts to build validation tests and take the burden off your internal teams.

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Additional services include custom development, on-site implementation evaluations, and more.


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