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Engaged Employees Are Effective Employees


Typical training materials are downright forgettable. It’s time for clean, interactive modules. Start creating lean, controlled, visual training materials—ensuring you’re workforce is set up for success.

Standardizing Training Made Easy


Learn how Dozuki can help your company increase productivity and distribute training standards more efficiently in this PDF.

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Photos, videos, markup tools, and CAD support make training procedures and work instructions clear.

Include photos and videos to clearly demonstrate a process

Display training guides in clear a step-by-step interface

Includes compatibility across dozens of devices


Once the employee has demonstrated competency, a supervisor can sign-off, verifying that the employee was trained.

Only share approved training procedures with users

Track employee training with real-time dashboards

Restrict process access based on user permissions or groups


Integrated data collection allows questions to be built into procedures, letting you quiz employees as they progress.

Use digital forms to capture relevant information from employees

Gather timing and progress information directly from processes

Share relevant processes with employees who require training

Multimedia Support

Photos, videos, or CAD files are all supported and can be edited with built-in markup tools.

Version Control

Make sure employees are always working to company standards.


Verify training and comprehension with customizable signoff processes

Modular Content

Create a process once, and deploy it across numerous instructions.

Custom User Teams

Communicate effectively and quickly with specific employees or teams, reducing confusion and engaging targeted groups.

API Integration

Sync with your existing LMS, MES, ERP, and business analytics systems using our robust API.