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Train better workers at scale and ensure curriculum is automatically tied to frontline processes — every time.


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Train to Your Standards

Leverage your controlled procedures as the core of your training program. Ensure workers are always onboarding, cross-training and re-training to the latest standard.

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Enforce the current version of your standard as the benchmark for competency. 


Trigger training assignments when procedures change.

1:1 Amplified

Transform 1 on 1 expert training into your standardized curriculum.


Test for Competency

Incorporate questions directly into procedures to verify training was understood.

Digital forms embedded within procedures allows for managers to observe and evaluate competency a standardized way.

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Scale Company-Wide

Rapidly deploy training programs across your entire workforce, using only-approved standards.

Phase-out the errors passed along through job shadowing and outdated training documents.

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Ensure new-hires are trained to your latest standard every time.

Cross Train

Schedule recurring trainings to keep workers ready to flex or fill-in on the fly. 


Require re-training any time a major change is made to your standard, or time lapses.

How-to Solve the Skills Gap on the Factory Floor 


"Over 55% of manufacturers say better training decreases quality costs"

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Track Workforce Skills

Gain instant visibility into the current skill set of your workforce.

Rapidly resolve skill gaps, validate qualifications, and track worker training progress.

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React Faster

When absence occurs, identify replacement workers by current training history.

Fill Skills Gaps

Identify knowledge gaps from shift, to line, to machine, before they are problematic.

Prove Comprehension

Test workers during training to verify the standard is understood.


Automate Assignments

Enforce the automatic assignment of training when standards are revised, time lapses, or roles change.

Support the long term development of your workforce, from entry-level to expert.

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"Dozuki reduced new employee training time by almost 90%."

Training and Process Improvement Specialist, Automation Plastics
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Transfer Expert Know-How

Embed video or annotated photos of your expert workers within training curriculum in lieu of job shadowing.

Transform your company's tribal knowledge into an asset your workforce can train against on-the-job.

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Standardize Your Curriculum

Turn your actual work instructions and operating procedures into training—removing the broken silos of existing training programs.

Standardize instruction across teams, shifts, and locations by using controlled procedures as your curriculum.

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Train Workers Better With Dozuki

Ensure front-line workers are always trained to your latest, controlled standards.


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