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Standardized for Authors

Industry proven procedure templates ensure documents maintain consistency regardless of who created them.

Authors can work faster knowing they are following a standard format by default.

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Work Instructions

Purpose Built

Our authoring interface is specifically designed for creating procedures.

Modular Content

Share procedures across work instructions to reduce duplication of effort.

Approval Workflows

Require changes be reviewed and approved by individuals, teams, or both.


Video in Work Instructions

Include video of how-to complete any procedure to turn complex concepts into simple visual instructions.

Capture video on the floor or in the field and instantly include it in your work instruction.

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In-Line Video

Embed video at the individual step to provide highly focused instruction.

Visual Communication

Remove potential for confusion or misinterpretation: show the process.

In-Field Authoring

Author and capture video from the same device while creating procedures in the field.

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"Work instructions don’t just standardize work, they also prevent accidents. Give your team members all the information they need to stay safe."


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Convey Details with Color

You don't need a separate application to edit and annotate images — with Dozuki, it's built in.

Use color-coded image markup and special bullets to annotate complex procedures in an easy to understand format.

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Work Instruction Photo Markup Dozuki

In-line Markup

Add callouts to any image while authoring the applicable step.

Visual Cues

Use color coded bullet points as a frame of reference for associated image markup.

Symbol Control

Customize the iconography to denote important considerations across steps.


Control Every Change

Rest easy knowing you can roll-back to previous versions and view the change history of any documented procedure.

Track, approve, and release new versions of instructions with custom approval workflows — ensuring changes are approved.

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Automated Workflows

Require that changes are approved by specific staff prior to release.

Revision History

Trace every edit made to your standards, down to the author, date, and detail.

Team Oversight

Include teams in the document review process to assure alignment on updates.

"The system is so intuitive and easy to kick-off… just like navigating to a website."

Lead Manufacturing Engineer, Boom Supersonic


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Capture Data

Gather essential information from process workers directly within your work instructions.

Collect data such as work order numbers, quality check values, or supervisor sign-offs — during the procedure.

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Supervisor Sign-Off

Require a supervisor to sign-off electronically at any stage of a procedure.

Quality Checks

Collect data values in-procedure to capture critical information about the work order.

Data Export

Easily export data from directly within Dozuki or via API to your external systems.


Continuous Improvement

Integrate a feedback loop to capture process knowledge from your experts on the front-line.

Allow workers to provide suggestions for process improvements from directly within any step of a work instruction.

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Get Buy-In

Give operators the feeling of ownership in improving your operations.

Organic Feedback

Capture feedback directly from those who do the work everyday.

Capture Expert Knowledge

Surface the tribal knowledge of your experts directly from your procedures.


Enforce Standards

Turn your standard work instructions into curriculum and instantly view who is trained to the latest version.

Automate the re-training of workers when documented standards or employee roles change.

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Build Curriculum

Combine groups of work instructions into structured training curriculum.

Standards Training

Turn your standards into a robust and controlled training program.

Skill Tracking

Monitor the competency of your entire workforce against documented standards.

"We needed something that was web-based and easier for industrial engineers to use. When we found Dozuki, it checked all of the boxes."

Industrial Engineer, Husqvarna


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Clear-Cut for Workers

Clear and concise procedures that operators of any skill level can follow with confidence.

Operator View® enables your workers to focus on one step at a time and integrates quality checks into their workflow.

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Easy to Access

Built in search allows users to find key information quickly.


Translation tools put procedures in your workers preferred language.

QR Code Entry

Let users scan QR codes for rapid entry to any procedure or work order.


Distribute Updates Instantly

Ensure everyone is working-from and training-to the latest standard, from the floor to the field.

Upon approval, work instructions are instantly updated across your entire workforce.

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ISO Compliant

Maintain ISO 9001 certification with a fully compliant document and training management solution.

Give ISO auditors visibility into specific documentation, including full version histories.

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Version Control

Workers can only access the current standard, and you can access every previous version.

Traceable Training

Know exactly which version of a standard any worker has been trained on.


Title 11 compliant electronic signatures assure sign-offs are secure and trustworthy.

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