Most companies still use traditional applications, like Microsoft Word or Excel, for their documentation. But work instructions built in ill-equipped programs can cause numerous problems and endless frustration.

Dozuki work instruction software empowers manufacturers to implement standardized procedures in support of continuous improvement and training efforts.

Upgrade Your Work Instructions


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Upgrade your work instructions


Losing valuable production time searching for up-to-date documents, tracking revisions, deciphering drawings, and getting management approvals is slowing you down.


Basic tools like Microsoft Word might have been suitable in the past, but now there’s a better way.


Usher your company into the 21st century with cloud-based interactive work instructions.



(Time saved creating work instructions in Dozuki vs. Word)




Clear Visuals

Stop overwhelming and confusing users with paragraphs of text. Ensure your procedures are followed properly with rich visuals, photo markups, videos, and step-by-step formatting.


Centralized Management

Creating, modifying, and deploying work instructions is complicated. Our platform lets you manage and create from anywhere—not just at a desk.

Clive Smith

“We’ve replaced 200 steps and 4 printed pages with one work instruction in Dozuki, it saves us tons of time.”


Clive Smith

Head of Learning & Development, SABMiller

Version Control

Version Control

Make sure your employees are working from the right documents. Built-in version control makes editing and deploying a breeze.

Easy Authoring Tools

Easy Authoring Tools

Markup tools, easy image placement, video support and more help our customers cut authoring time by over 60%.

Kevin Broughton

“With Dozuki, we can list the tools and parts required, and it walks you through step-by-step instructions of how to install them. It crystallizes the explanations so that anybody can do it.”


Kevin Broughton

IT Director, Sterling Bank Services

Built-In Search

Built-In Search

Let your users quickly find what they need to get the job done. Our platform indexes your documents to help you quickly find what you need via keyword search.

Digital Forms

Digital Forms

Gather essential information from your users, insert customizable prompts throughout every step. Data export and integration with popular reporting tools comes standard.





Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

With over 80 supported languages, your users can instantly view content in their preferred language.

Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

Whether you require single sign-off or multiple authorizations, our intuitive platform makes it simple to customize your own approval processes.

Marty Trow

“We used to use Word and Powerpoint docs. Trying to update everything at the same time was a hassle. With Dozuki, we get new information, upload it, hit publish, and it’s sent to the right people. It’s fantastic.”


Marty Trow

Director of Operations at International Telematics


Sync with your existing LMS, MES, ERP, and business analytics systems using our robust API.


Communicate effectively and quickly with specific employees or teams, reducing confusion and engaging targeted groups.


Verify training and comprehension with customizable signoff processes

Modular Content

Create a process once, and deploy it across numerous instructions.

Instant Notifications

Receive on-site alerts when action is required or changes have been made to processes.

Mutlimedia Support

A variety of photo and video files are all supported and can be edited with built-in markup tools.

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