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Critical Access, Critical Control

Who is Phynetics? 

Phynetics, a telecommunications equipment supplier in Chicago, runs on the mission that ultra-high bandwidth data connections can be provided to households and offices—no matter where they are. Combining their 50 years of experience, co-founders Kim Papakos and Mark Boduch groomed new technologies and built industry-changing products to bring their customers environmentally-friendly, unlimited bandwidth. 

Visual saves time.

With such a robust mission, Phynetics needed equally robust work instructions to build their hardware. Papakos, CEO and VP of Business Development and Marketing, explains, "What we found is that by placing our documents online, it's a lot easier for someone to follow our step-by-step instructions while making fewer errors. We can even work with people who aren't full-timed trained."

Dozuki's emphasis on visual instructions, in particular, has helped Phynetics get employees trained more quickly and more comprehensively. Papakos says, "Being able to upload images and videos makes a big difference. For everyone who's used the software—the information really, really clicks." 

Control your content—and who is seeing it.

The telecom equipment provider works with any number of contractors at a given time; Phynetics need to manage access to internal documentation—safely and effectively.  "We design and build systems. And each system has different types of functionalities that require different modules. So we give technicians access to just that particular module." He continues, saying, "Dozuki allows us to have different groups working on different hardware. We can actually control our IP and exposure of our IP—and still be able to put a project together."

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