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Event: ASQ Milwaukee

Conference Theme: The benefit of applying quality to improve processes and products is well documented, but what influence can quality have on the culture of an organization and how can it best help with challenges such as mitigating risk and managing change? The application of quality practices has long since expanded from its manufacturing roots, and in a similar way the “quality role” is expanding as well. No longer is the quality function limited to a narrow role or separate department. Instead, it is being expanded throughout organizations to reach all aspects of the business. 

Join over 2,500 attendees at the annual ASQ: World Conference on Quality and Improvement. There are more than 100 sessions and workshops for you to choose from. Each session will present real-life applications, solutions, and results based on quality principles—while the workshops allow you to dive deeper into quality theories with hands-on learning activities. As a conference attendee, you are able to purchase access to all of the session recordings, including more than 100 flash video recordings available. 

Meet the Dozuki team! Our team members will provide live demos of our software's wide range of features and functionalities, including: 

  • Deploying documentation to mobile devices in less than an hour
  • Achieving and maintaining ISO compliance with visual documentation
  • Capturing quality / timing data during the assembly process
  • Setting up live dashboards based on documentation usage
  • Locking down employee devices while allowing access to docs

Event Details: 

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Hope to see you there!