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Using Standards to Empower the Frontline Workforce

57 min read

Chad Nelson is a Lean Six-Sigma Operations Manager at 3M and has a wealth of knowledge about standardized work and engaging frontline workers with improvement efforts.

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How to Manage Change on the Plant Floor

40 min read

Change management is a crucial part of any digital transformation or improvement efforts on the plant floor. But how do you deal with stubborn employees or older workers that...

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Digital Technology Trends in Manufacturing

41 min read

In the past, manufacturing technology was focused on improving equipment and tools. Now, the industry is shifting its priorities towards workforce enablement. How will the...

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ISO 9001 Certification is Easier Than You Think

51 min read

Is audit anxiety holding your company back from ISO 9001 compliance? While it may seem like a daunting task, many businesses are closer to certification (and...

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Adapting Training to Meet the Needs of the Modern Manufacturer

47 min read

Manufacturers are faced with a much different workforce than they've traditionally dealt with. Previous generations had more foundational knowledge, incoming generations need...

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Continuous Improvement

Mastering Total Quality Management in Manufacturing (TQM) | Strategies and Insights

28 min read

If there’s one consistent thread that unites every manufacturer worldwide, it’s quality. The need to produce a quality product that meets or exceeds the needs and...

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How to Attract and Retain a Qualified Manufacturing Workforce

36 min read

Welcome to the first episode of The Voices of Manufacturing! Join us in conversation with Jim Vinoski, a Forbes Author who specializes in all things manufacturing.

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Frontline Digital Transformation

5 Ways to Get Wifi on the Factory Floor

6 min read

Here’s the reality, many industrial environments lack wireless internet. It’s not for a lack of trying. However, there are real, pragmatic reasons that some companies can’t...

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The Most Common 8 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing & How to Manage Resources

23 min read

Manufacturing is all about making the highest quality products at the lowest cost. Reaching that goal means searching for and eliminating causes of wasted time, wasted...

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