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At Dozuki, we’ve made it our mission to make Standard Work an industry standard.  We envision documented standards and worker knowledge continuously improving alongside one another—finally removing them from their respective silos. 

As CEO of Dozuki, I’ve spent hundreds of hours talking to manufacturers of all sizes and industries. Throughout these conversations, one topic kept coming up — “it’s so hard to confirm and manage the training of our documented procedures.”

With this in mind, we got to building.

Dozuki Courses

Dozuki Courses allows users to manage worker training and competency within the Dozuki platform. This allows businesses to leverage their standardized procedures (guides) to create training curriculum for any employee. Finally bridging the gap between continuous improvement and employee knowledge.

Train to Approved Standards

Training is only as good as the standards that your workforce is trained to. Using Courses, managers will never have to worry about outdated training again.

"Never worry about outdated training again."

As your procedures change and improve, so will your training material. This helps reduce process waste and improve quality by ensuring that current best practices are always followed.


Centralize Training Management

Courses enables you to easily view and manage training data from one place. This provides real-time insights into workforce competency — increasing visibility and reducing the endless hours spent updating spreadsheets.

"Real-time insights into workforce competency"

As training becomes outdated or needs reinforcement, employees are notified that retraining is required. 


Automate Training Assignment and Management

With Courses, you can integrate HR and time tracking software to efficiently assign training curriculum. Teams based on roles, departments, or locations can easily be assigned training requirements — streamlining training management for new hires and those who change teams or roles.

Relying on-the-job (1-to-1) training not only removes the benefits of standardized procedures, but it's impossible to automate and scale. Courses allows organizations to bring training from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many, making management of employee turnover and recurring training much easier.

“Courses allows us to confidently track operator competency for ISO compliance.”

Brad Matthews, Industrial Engineer, Husqvarna

Empower Workforce Learning & Improvement

Employees can manage their training requirements in a self-guided environment.  At a glance, they can see which trainings have been completed or still need work. This empowers employees to take skills development into their own hands and fosters a culture of continuous improvement.


Setting High Standards for Training

For manufacturers, training has never been about isolated educational events. Training is a continuous process that requires maintenance and care. 

Just like process improvement efforts, top-tier organizations need to treat training as an ongoing opportunity to empower their workforce and raise quality standards. 

Courses will allow manufacturers to take workforce training to the next level. 

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Written by Dozuki

Founded in 2011, Dozuki has been the leader in connected worker solutions for over a decade. We’ve helped hundreds of companies plan, implement, and scale our frontline digital transformation solution.

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