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Recent Mobile App Updates

Dozuki is a frontline work training platform for industrial companies who depend on operators to meet production standards.

Our mobile app is used by frontline operators to execute work, up-skill and cross-train on standards, and contribute process feedback for continuous improvement.

Over the past year, through increased industry demand for onboarding frontline workers and extensive customer feedback, we delivered a slew of user experience improvements to our mobile app. To start the year off, we decided to take a look back at some of these enhancements and detail what drove them.

Instructions in Your Native Language

Not only did our customers expand into more regions, but we saw even more diversity within existing frontlines than ever before. With the complex and sometimes hazardous environments in today's workforce, it's critical that work instructions be available in the native language of the workers who are performing the work. 

We updated our mobile app to ensure frontline workers can more easily access procedures in their preferred language, with a language selector now being a key component to user profile setup. Additionally, per specific customer requests we added machine translation in even more languages -- some of the highlights: Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Malay, Nepali, Samoan, Somali and Swahili.


Get Out of the User's Way

Sometimes the smallest features can have the biggest impact. Many of our customers manage enterprise-wide user-authentication and we realize that one more username/password can be a burden.  The last thing you want is for workers wasting time with forgotten logins, or shared accounts causing skewed production data.

Our mobile app was updated with support for your in-house authentication systems via Single Sign-On (SSO), enabling your team to manage all user credentials. Want users to just scan their clock-in badge to access Dozuki? Go for it, you make the rules.

Similarly, we wanted to make sure users could share devices without sharing logins, so multi-user sign-in was brought to the forefront. Now your users can switch between accounts in one tap -- less time spent remembering credentials.


Capture Feedback From the Frontline

Industry leaders stay ahead of competition through innovation and continuous process improvement. The key to continuous improvement? Open lines of communication from the front-line back to the front-office, where expert knowledge is captured, acted on and pushed into motion. 

We've worked with hundreds of manufacturers who hold continuous improvement as their ethos, and there is a common thread. If you want to improve your standards, you need to capture feedback from the people who are performing the process and reflect their knowledge in the standard.  When experts see their knowledge is recognized, they take more pride and ownership in their work. 

To that end, we moved knowledge capture into the forefront — at the procedure-step level. Now if a worker notices something could be improved in the procedure, they can easily provide a comment in-line without deviating from their workflow. The feedback is instantly looped back to appropriate team members who have permission to update and approve changes. And the cycle continues.


Onboard and Train in the Field

It's hard to imagine any other time in the modern workforce where more employees were in the midst of onboarding or cross-training. The old standby training model, job shadowing, couldn't handle the volume (or social distancing) of new hires that 2021 delivered. The need for more advanced frontline training options became a top priority for the majority of our customers.

Without job shadowing and on their own, workers needed to easily find, follow and test on training assignments in order to be considered competent. We prioritized our frontline workforce training system, Courses, as a key improvement to our mobile app. The end result being an experience where users successfully up-skill to the point of operating their work assignment, in a completely self-sufficient way.Dozuki_screenshot_2

Operating Even When Offline

If your entire operation has full Internet access, consider yourself lucky. It may be hard to believe, but many operations are dead-zones when it comes to Internet and wi-fi connectivity. This limitation means that workers need access their work instructions while offline.

Our mobile app has always provided offline access, and now we've made that even better. The entire interface became easier for workers to manage and download procedures for offline use. Gather a collection of common procedures for quick access at all times.


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Written by Lucas Bishop

With a passion for all things manufacturing, Lucas is a research fanatic that focuses on expanding the digital footprint of Dozuki and providing valuable industry insights.

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