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Henry Ford was a very quotable man. His timeless insights range from practical business tips to clairvoyant-esque predictions about the dairy industry.

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Wise quotes can inspire. Insightful sayings have the power to spark change and foster a culture of creativity and quality.

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Maine based Oakhurst Dairy was recently sued by a handful of truck drivers seeking more than four years worth of overtime pay—but the suit wasn’t about milk distribution at all. Rather, the legal battle revolved around the use (or lack thereof) of a single comma. But grammar wasn’t the problem—standards were.

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In 2014 a nuclear Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, NM was the victim of poor revision control practices that lead to a half-billion dollar mistake; shutting down the facility for three years and sending six workers to the hospital.


That’s right, billion with a ‘B’.


While tragic, this accident presents an important opportunity to assess why good documentation practices matter and how we can proactively work to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

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Historically, internal systems for work instructions have been used solely for distributing procedures, with entirely separate systems for data collection and reporting. These disconnected systems are holding companies back.

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As we were plotting our celebration for 2016's Manufacturing Day, the Dozuki team got into a few squabbles about who the 'best manufacturing mind of all time' would be. (Spoiler alert: we couldn't settle on a favorite).

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