Dozuki is a communication tool for industrial companies

Boost employee performance with easy to access documentation that provides a standard and central knowledge hub for your company.


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Our software covers your knowledge capture, training,
and standardization needs


Capture Expert Knowledge

Author process documentation from anywhere, allowing images and videos to be captured directly where work is done.




Communicate Standards

Any updates to documentation that pass established approval processes are instantly reflected across all devices. No more chasing down outdated paper instructions.


Build Training

Curriculum can be built using documented standards, with automatic retraining assigned as updates are made and approved. Easily assign training to employees as they move across shifts or job functions.


Analyze Results

Essential operational and training data makes it easy to review performance and identify opportunities for improvement. This data can also be integrated with other systems for a comprehensive view of operations.

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"After comparing Dozuki to other options, it became a clear choice. The system is so intuitive and easy to kick-off... just like navigating to a website."

Lead Manufacturing Engineer
Boom Supersonic


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Built For Teams

Our software helps distribute knowledge across silos.


For Front Line Workers

Give your operators confidence they deserve by providing the knowledge and training they need to do their job well.

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For Management

Gain visibility into your operations, including employee training, production data, and opportunities for improvement.

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For Engineers

Control communication of procedures with easy to use authoring and viewing tools focused on visual learning.

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For I.T.

Control access to critical assets and operational data, integrate with existing systems, or deploy a locally hosted instance to provide yet another layer of security.

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For Trainers

Build scalable and traceable training programs based directly from approved standards.

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For Leadership

Focus on company performance and capitalize on the expertise of your workforce by removing communication silos across job functions. Our secure platform is built to for scalability. 

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Expert Knowledge is Disappearing

Dozuki makes it more intuitive than ever to capture, access, and leverage expert knowledge throughout your workforce.


We've helped companies

  • Reduce training time by over 40%
  • Improve communication by 67%
  • Reduce SOP authoring time by 71%
  • Manage 100% seasonal workforce turnover

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