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Ensure your technicians’ efficiency in maintaining ISO 26262 compliance, with electronic work instructions that satisfy industry requirements. Whether you are designing or developing, manufacturing or maintaining, Dozuki has helped dozens of automotive companies.

Standardizing Procedures Made Easy


Learn how Dozuki’s software can help your company increase productivity and distribute procedures more efficiently in this PDF.

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Digging through long, confusing paragraphs filled with technical jargon isn’t efficient or effective—in fact, it’s detrimental. The most successful documentation is lean and easy to comprehend.

Benefit from clean, consistent layouts

Use bullets to accurately describe each step

Highlight key details with built-in markup tools

Dozuki Workforce Training

Mobile Access

Whether you’re installing trim or checking gap tolerances, you should have easy access to your documentation. Dozuki mobile apps provide the flexibility to work offline or anywhere on the floor.

Review procedures and materials from smartphones and tablets

Access documents offline

Tracking & Quality Control

Track the progress, procedural, and quality data from your technicians. Follow everything from work order progress to specific batch audits with built-in tools.

Trace defects back to workstations and users

Display critical information about your production environment on a real-time dashboard

Keep track of which employees are the most efficient and which shift is most productive

Dozuki Data Tracking