Whether you have temporarily contracted employees or seasoned veterans learning new procedures, Dozuki provides essential tools to get every employee trained and producing from day one.

Reducing Quality Issues


Read the full story of how MBX Systems used Dozuki to replace their wiki system and used our API to integrate with their systems to confidently share internal processes with staff and clients.

Case Study

Standardized Processes

Digging through long, confusing paragraphs filled with technical jargon isn’t efficient or effective—it’s detrimental. Dozuki provides clear, step-by-step guides with photos and videos to enable technicians complete repairs on their own.
  • Support for multimedia
  • Standard list and markup tools
  • Standardized process templates
Justin Formella

“Dozuki’s framework helped us drive better quality standards.”


Justin Formella

Chief Information Officer, MBX Systems

Improved First-Time Fix Rates

When it comes to servicing, nothing is more costly than having to make multiple trips to fix one issue. With Dozuki, ensure your technicians have the equipment and documentation to complete the job right the first time.
  • Customizable prerequisite workflows
  • Comprehensive tool and parts requirements
  • Capture key data with digital forms in processes
Improved First-Time Fix Rates

Multi-Lingual Support

Built-in translation tools ensure your documentation is comprehensible to all users—no matter which language they speak. With over 80 supported languages, users can instantly translate content.
  • Machine translation for instant viewing
  • Glossary tool for more accurate translations
  • Custom default language options
Multi-Lingual Support

Document Errors and Troubleshoot Workflows

Errors happen—but should be resolved quickly. With Dozuki, your users can quickly search error codes to find the appropriate company-approved solution.
  • Integrate with existing ticketing systems
  • Map repair and service procedures specific issues
  • Quickly access information via built-in search
Document Errors and Troubleshoot Workflows

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