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How to Get ISO 9001 Certified with Dozuki

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As the most commonly used standard for quality management systems (QMS), the ISO 9001:2015 standard implements a preventative, risk-based approach that puts documentation at the core of quality management. Dozuki allows you to improve quality standards and meet ISO requirements through visual procedures, better training, and streamlined communication.

Why Pursue ISO 9001 Certification?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the leading accreditor for quality certification. ISO 9001 certification shows prospective customers that your organization has a robust quality management system that meets international quality standards and delivers quality products.

Using Dozuki for ISO 9001:2015 Certification

As a leading documentation tool for the industrial workforce, we have helped hundreds of businesses achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification. See how Dozuki can help your business take quality management to the next level.

Streamline Document Creation

Creating and distributing the quality management manual remains one of the most difficult steps in ISO 9001 implementation. This requirement covers a broad range of documentation and ISO only specifies, “As needed documented information necessary to support the operation of processes (this includes work instructions, process flow diagrams, quality manual, and more).”

As the cornerstone of the standard, it’s important that procedural information is accurate and thorough. Dozuki is purpose-built to streamline the creation and approval of technical documentation and quality procedures.

Documents can be quickly written, reviewed, and approved in our intuitive interface. Automated approval workflows enable teams to release new documents quickly and with confidence. Rather than using separate systems to create content, Dozuki allows you to create and manage documents all in one place. Companies save valuable time updating and maintaining their ISO documentation by using this streamlined approach.


“Before Dozuki, we didn’t have any way to organize work instructions or training documents. Now, our work instructions are easy to create, edit, and — ultimately — maintain.”

ISO Coordinator, CountyLine Tool

Increase Accessibility

One of the first things auditors will look for is proper and effective dissemination of organizational knowledge. They want to see that finding and using information is easy for employees. Dozuki not only accomplishes this requirement, but often far exceeds expectations.

By using tablets, Dozuki provides your workforce with intuitive access to information right on the floor. Finding information is as quick as scanning a QR code or using the search bar to quickly access procedures. Connect documents seamlessly by linking procedures to additional instructions or support materials.


“Dozuki has allowed us to roll out fast, we can quickly share standards with hundreds of employees. The format is simple and easy to understand.”

VP of Technology

Stress-Free Compliance

All auditors are looking to ensure that organizations have an effective system in place for document control and records. From a single dashboard, managers and auditors can access previous versions, unpublished drafts, and the current standard for every procedure. Every change to documented standards is logged and saved for audit trail and compliance purposes.

ISO 9001 also requires that your organization has a regulated way of protecting and recording changes. As changes and improvements are made, Dozuki alerts key stakeholders and a custom approval process is automatically triggered.

Because procedures are created within Dozuki, we create a comprehensive system of record that goes beyond what traditional QMS tools can offer. These records include why a process was updated, who edited content and when, and why the changes were implemented.


“Dozuki really sped up the process. Normally it would take us 2 years to become certified, but with Dozuki it only took 10 months!”

Quality Manager, Dover ALS

Quickly Communicate Process Updates

While managers and auditors have access to complete histories, frontline workers are restricted to the latest approved standard. This means that operators can trust your internal documentation is up to date and work will remain consistent across the entire organization.

As processes are approved for updating, old versions are automatically archived, and validation of new versions can be triggered to necessary teams. Digital forms allow you to insert prompts within processes to gather data on training, perform quality checks, supervisor signoffs, internal audits, and more.


“Dozuki allowed operators to relieve some of their anxiety where they wonder 'Am I doing my job correctly?' They can now rely on the documented processes rather than tribal knowledge.”

Learning & Development Change Coach, Johnsonville


People-First Quality Management

Dozuki provides a human approach to quality through increased accessibility, intuitive control, and better communication. ISO and industry leaders recognize that digital tools like Dozuki are an integral part of modern business operations.



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