On-Demand Webinar

Using Hackathons to Improve your Operations

Borrowing from the perspective of software engineers can help your company implement a continuous improvement culture. At the core of an engineer’s belief system is the idea that things can always be improved. In software companies, developers often get together to perform a “hackathon” to collaboratively address problems and look for innovative solutions.


In this webinar, Brian Buss, VP of CloudQMS, shows how to borrow these concepts and bring their value to your shop floor. From saving money to engaging employees, improvements don’t come from new things—they come from new ideas that emerge from your own “hackathon.”


View this on-demand webinar to learn:

The value of 'hacking' your factory floor to see drastic improvements

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is—and how it can help your business

The value of reusing the tools and materials you already have

How-to save money with manufacturing 'hackathons'

...and more

Brian Buss

VP of Customer Service, CloudQMS and ComplianceID


Brian has assisted manufacturing and service companies with innovative web-based applications to overcome compliance related challenges. His experience includes software applications for quality assurance, environmental compliance, supply chain management, and more. Forced compliance to AS9100, ISO13485, TS16949, ISO14001, UL, REACH, RoHS, and other regulations has helped inform his ability to find innovative solutions to the industry’s most challenging problems.