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Standard operating procedure (SOP) and work instruction templates help standardize processes and present information consistently. We’ve seen thousands of examples of these templates and the only consistency is their shortcomings. 

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Lean operations and manufacturers have used Standard Work for decades, yet many companies lack clarity when it comes to this fundamental lean methodology.

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How do I determine if electronic work instructions are needed in my organization?

When should I upgrade from my current documentation tool?

How do I evaluate the ROI of electronic work instructions?

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We spoke with Dr. Robert Maurer, author of “Spirit of Kaizen,” a leading expert in the field of psychology and organizational change, about Kaizen and the role of standardization in improving processes and creating an efficient culture of continuous improvement.

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Taiichi Ohno, a founder of the Toyota Production System (TPS), had this to say about Standard Work, “without standards, there can be no Kaizen.” As the foundation for all lean, six sigma, and continuous improvement efforts, the benefits of Standard Work are endless. Ohno's wisdom speaks volumes to the importance of Standard Work, yet many companies aren’t fully practicing it.

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Getting inside the mind of an ISO 9001 auditor is crucial to a successful audit. Think of it like a gift — even the best of presents can be unappealing when wrapped in crumpled messy newspaper and duct tape.  

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These days, waste gets a bad rap.


‘Eliminating waste’ is such a common phrase among lean and six sigma practitioners, the two words are practically inseparable. The problem with this marriage is that it causes us to conflate all types of waste as equally harmful.

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